Our Work At NG Companies

We’re proud to show off our hard work! We complete each project with safety, comprehensive efforts, and the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest-quality service possible.

NG Companies showcased exceptional proficiency in a complex excavation project for the new terminal at Tampa International Airport.
NG Companies was contracted by Clarkson Construction to assist with the Bond Bridge Project in downtown Kansas City, MO.
NG Companies was enlisted for a comprehensive water main replacement project in downtown Kansas City, involving extensive potholing, coring, and full excavation tasks.
Ng Companies played a crucial role in the KC Streetcar project, locating utilities along the new streetcar route in downtown Kansas City, MO.
NG Companies successfully completed the T&T Pipeline project in Sanford, FL, conducting thorough pre-inspections of mainline and lateral sewers close to the horizontal drilling sites for a gas line installation.
NG Companies executed utility locating services at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater within a tight one-day timeframe.
NG Companies delivered video pipe inspection services over a span of three days.
NG Companies was engaged in a comprehensive project at a 300-acre secured federal prison in Pueblo, Colorado, dating back to 1920.
NG Companies tackled an extensive cleaning operation for an Underground Detention System filled with over 300 yards of debris.