CMHIP Pueblo


The project's complexity was heightened by the facility's vast size and its over 100 years of history, presenting unique challenges such as navigating outdated infrastructure and ensuring minimal disruption to the prison's operations. The security measures of the federal prison further complicated the execution of the project.


To address these challenges, NG Companies leveraged its expertise across multiple service areas, deploying an integrated approach that included thorough utility locates to prevent damage to existing infrastructure, Hydrovac excavation for safe and precise digging, and VPI services for detailed inspections of the aging pipelines.


The project was successfully completed, with NG Companies providing a comprehensive solution that met the specific needs of the historic and secured facility. Their multi-service approach not only preserved the integrity of the prison's infrastructure but also ensured that all services were delivered efficiently and with the highest level of safety and security in mind.

Project Location Pueblo, CO

Division Location Denver, CO

Services Provided Hydrovac, Utility Locating, Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV)

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