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410 S. Ware Blvd. Suite 818
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 833-4776
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Premium Hydrovac and Subsurface Utility Services in Tampa, Florida and Surrounding Cities

Are you in search of a dependable hydrovac company in Tampa, FL? Look no further than NG Companies. Proudly serving Tampa and the neighboring areas, we offer a wide range of hydrovac services tailored to your needs. With a strong emphasis on efficiency and safety, we are your trusted partner for all types of projects in Tampa, Florida.

Exploring Hydrovac: Precision and Efficiency

Hydro excavation, also known as hydrovac, revolutionizes digging with its precise and efficient technique. Unlike traditional excavation methods that rely on heavy machinery, hydrovac utilizes water pressure and vacuums to create precise holes and openings without disturbing underground utilities.

Common Uses of Hydrovac in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL benefits from hydrovac’s versatility, making it the preferred choice across various industries, including construction, mining, and infrastructure. Common hydrovac services in Tampa include:

  • Potholing

    Collaboration between the city of Tampa and hydrovac contractors for locating and measuring the depth of underground utility wires. Hydrovac minimizes the risk of damage, making it the ideal choice, especially for older pipes.

  • Slot Trenching

    Hydrovac efficiently digs trenches for new utility lines in Tampa, creating precise one-inch-wide trenches with minimal debris. This method expedites the process, increases job site space, and requires less room for operation.