Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Workforce

At NG Companies, safety is the purpose behind our very existence. With pioneering precision and industry expertise in hydrovac, utility locating, and other underground utility services, we turn every challenge into an opportunity to enhance job site safety for our people, our partners, and the public.

Excellence in Every Measure

Across numerous locations nationwide, NG Companies boasts an exemplary safety record that is our highest measure of performance. Our impeccable record of adherence to safety protocols consistently sets industry benchmarks.

Safety Certifications

On average, NG Companies employees are certified in 47 job-specific safety trainings, from OSHA-10 to more advanced levels of industry certification.

Safety Audits

Average field safety audits conducted annually across all NG Companies locations nationwide. With an average of 47 field safety audits conducted monthly, our steadfast commitment to safety continues to be a top priority.

Safety Training

Average total hours of safety training for every NG Companies employee annually — reflecting our commitment to continuous learning and safety education.

“The most important part of any project is getting it done safely. The safest and most efficient way to do that is to locate and pothole underground utilities, prior to using traditional excavation or drilling methods on a job site. Here at NG Companies, we offer cost-effective hydrovac solutions to know exactly what’s in the ground, keeping all infrastructure and everyone near our country’s job sites safe.”
Brad Griffith
Chief Operations Officer, NG Companies

The Trusted Choice of Industry Leaders

NG Companies is the top choice for construction industry leaders and local contractors. Our steadfast commitment to safety and unparalleled expertise in subsurface damage prevention make us the preferred partner for projects that demand precision and unwavering safety standards.

Everyone Gets Home Safe — Just a Little Muddier

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that hard work and safety go hand in hand. We’ve created a culture where getting our hands dirty is a badge of honor, but never at the cost of safety.

Our crews embody a spirit of resilience and commitment, working tirelessly to tackle tough challenges while adhering to strict protocols. It’s this balance of determination and meticulous care that ensures every team member not only contributes to our projects but also returns home safely every day.

A Commitment to Protecting All

Our safety culture is a collective promise, one that extends beyond our team to include every project partner and member of our communities. We believe in creating environments where everyone’s safety is paramount.

Employee in company vest
Our People
Employees working with hydrovac truck
Our Partners
NG Companies employee
Our Neighbors

H.E.A.T. — Elevating Safety Standards

We ensure every crew member at NG Companies is up-to-date with Hydro-Excavation Application Training (HEAT) Certification, reinforcing our commitment to the highest safety standards.

  • Safety Procedures: Rigorous safety protocols ensure every hydrovac project is conducted with utmost caution.
  • Equipment Operation: Training and expertise in equipment operation guarantees safety and precision.
  • Risk Management: Our HEAT-certified crews can identify and mitigate potential risks, protecting people and environments.

Prioritizing Safety Through Industry Certification

At NG Companies, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards in every project we undertake. Our team holds various industry-recognized safety certifications to ensure the well-being of our employees and the success of our projects.

  • OSHA 10
  • Veriforce
  • ISNetworld
  • Industrial Training

Experience Safety, Embrace Peace of Mind