Modern Utility Solutions for Protection Below the Surface

NG Companies delivers complete subsurface utility solutions to streamline projects with accuracy. Our nationwide operations are carried out by nimble and responsive crews that adhere to rigorous safety standards and project deadlines.

What Are Subsurface Utility Solutions?

At NG Companies, we’re all about forming innovative solutions to help locate and manage underground utilities. Our nationwide teams bring their expertise in underground utility locating, hydrovac, line jetting, and video pipe inspection to the table to help boost project safety by reducing the chances of unexpected utility issues. Whether you’re tackling a construction project, renovation, or infrastructure maintenance, we’ll work with you to help simplify the process and safeguard vital underground assets.

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Safe, Effective Solutions for Tomorrow's Utility Challenges

NG Companies will expertly locate, service, and excavate underground utility networks. Our priority is to protect workers and avoid unnecessary damage to existing infrastructure with our non-destructive technology.

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Markets We Serve

NG Companies is a dynamic damage prevention service provider. We work with the same commitment and grit for both our large and small local contractors. We proudly uphold public safety standards with accuracy, affordability, and reliability.

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Subsurface Utility Services Throughout The United States

NG Companies is a nationwide damage prevention solution company that operates in numerous major U.S. cities. If your region is not listed, please contact us to figure out how we can contribute to your project.

The Experts Industry Leaders Trust

Construction industry giants and local independent contractors alike choose NG Companies for our unrivaled commitment to safety and efficiency. Our track record in subsurface damage prevention makes us the preferred partner for projects where precision and safety are non-negotiable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what sets NG Companies apart as a private damage prevention company. For any questions not listed, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Why should I use NG Companies (a private subsurface solutions company) versus public 811 phone number provided for free?

    We respond faster and uncover more than known utilities. 811 services do not locate or identify private utilities, leaving the potential for accidental damage without the services of NG Companies. Our advanced technology minimizes risks and prevents costly delays, ensuring your project’s success and safeguarding your investments.

  • Are your services tailored for smaller or larger contractors?

    We are tailored for both! Due to our nationwide locations, extensive fleet, and robust and well-trained personnel, we can meet the needs of small and large contractors as well as municipalities.

  • Why is hydrovac a superior solution to other forms of excavation?

    Hydrovac is a superior method of excavation for numerous reasons, primarily due to safety and damage prevention. Hydrovac is a non-destructive means of excavation, using high-pressured water streams to remove soil and earth materials without damaging underground utilities. This helps mitigate potential safety hazards and avoid costly repairs resulting from accidental damage.

  • Will subsurface utility locating help my project?

    Yes. Accidentally hitting a utility line can cause significant damage, fines, project delays, high repair costs, and legal action. Working with NG Companies mitigates that risk substantially by reducing the safety and financial threat.

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