National Authority In Subsurface Damage Prevention

NG Companies is America’s go-to subsurface utility expert. Our adaptable and modern team has built our reputation through consistency and taking on the challenges others won’t. Every project we touch is done safely and responsibly without ever sacrificing accuracy or professionalism. We uncover solutions with hydrovac, utility locating, video pipe inspection, and line jetting services.

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The NG Companies Mission

We exist to safeguard the people and utilities that keep modern society functioning.

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The NG Companies Vision

We strive to lead the way in subsurface damage prevention to create safer, more efficient project environments.

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Performance Principles

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Protection For Our Clients, Our People, And The Public

At NG Companies, safety is paramount. It starts with our people, ensuring that they return home safely, and is passed on to every project partner and member of the public. We help dig with the confidence of knowing precisely what’s underground and how to avoid it.

Our Safety Approach

Support to grow your career, freedom to own your success

NG Companies hires and trains motivated, hard-working individuals. Those who willing to show up and do the job and then go home each day, just a little muddier. Professionalism and respect is at the core of everything we do.

We offer a lucrative career that provides you with space and opportunity to grow. Start without any previous experience.
In-house training to begin advancing your skills and earning potential right off the bat.
NG Companies provides great benefits to full-time employees including health care insurance, retirement savings, and more.