Charlotte—Underground Detention System


The immense volume of debris and the urgent need for the detention system to pass inspection posed a significant challenge. The project was further complicated by the need to adhere to strict safety and Confined Space protocols while working on an aggressive timeline that included 10-hour workdays and weekends.


The team employed a strategic approach by running 300 feet of hose from the Hydrovac directly into the underground system, enabling them to clean chamber by chamber and aisle by aisle effectively. Utilizing job-specific tools and working diligently in shifts, they managed to remove two-thirds of a load of debris daily, demonstrating both efficiency and adherence to safety standards.


Through relentless effort and strategic planning, NG Companies successfully cleared the underground system of debris, ensuring it passed inspection. The project was completed within the two-week deadline, exemplifying the team's commitment to excellence and safety in the face of challenging conditions.

Project Location Charlotte, NC

Division Location Charlotte, NC

Services Provided Hydrovac

Project Length 10 Days

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