Red Rocks

NG Companies employee with paint machine walking into fenced worksite


The project's complexity was amplified by the high-traffic location of Red Rocks, one of the nation's most renowned amphitheaters. Managing the logistics of performing precise utility locating amid crowds and heavy traffic presented significant challenges, necessitating exceptional coordination and safety measures.


Leveraging their experienced locators, NG Companies skillfully navigated the bustling environment. The team employed ground-penetrating radar technology to accurately identify and mark underground utilities, meticulously working around the public and vehicular traffic while maintaining stringent safety standards and the quality of their work.


NG Companies successfully completed the utility locating service at Red Rocks Amphitheater, allowing the client to carry out their construction activities without compromising the integrity of the underground infrastructure. This achievement underscored NG Companies' capability to deliver high-quality services in challenging and high-profile settings, ensuring safety and client satisfaction.

Project Location Morrison, CO

Division Location Denver, CO

Services Provided Utility Locating

Project Length 1 Day

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