Carolina Civil—Spring Meadows Project

Video pipe inspection


The project was made particularly challenging by the difficult access to pipe entrances, which were located off-road and on steep embankments. These conditions posed significant logistical hurdles and required careful planning to navigate safely and effectively.


NG Companies deployed specialized equipment and techniques to overcome the access issues. By leveraging their expertise in navigating challenging terrains and employing flexible video inspection technology, they were able to conduct thorough inspections and cleaning operations despite the steep and off-road conditions.


The video pipe inspection and cleaning services were successfully completed, ensuring the new drains at Spring Meadows were clear of obstructions and in optimal condition. NG Companies’ ability to adapt to difficult access conditions and provide precise inspections highlighted their commitment to delivering quality services under challenging circumstances.

Project Location Charlotte, NC

Division Location Charlotte, NC

Services Provided Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV)

Project Length 3 Days

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