Tampa Airport/ Crisdel


The operation's complexity was magnified by the need to proceed with the excavation while ensuring the overhead tram system remained operational. The presence of the tram's third rail introduced significant safety considerations and required precise execution to avoid disruptions to the airport's essential transportation services.


To navigate these challenges, NG Companies leveraged their T-10 hydrovac truck, utilizing its capabilities to maintain a safe distance of 10 feet from the tram’s third rail. This approach allowed for the careful and efficient excavation needed to complete the project, while adhering to strict safety standards and minimizing impact on airport operations.


The excavation project was completed successfully, demonstrating NG Companies' commitment to safety, precision, and operational excellence. The skillful management of the project's complexities ensured the uninterrupted function of the airport's tram service and facilitated the critical infrastructure development for the new terminal, highlighting NG Companies' expertise in managing high-stakes projects in operational environments.

Project Location Tampa, FL

Division Location Tampa, FL

Services Provided Hydrovac

Project Length Ongoing

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