KC Water Main Replacement—She Digs It

NG Companies hydrovac truck with employee guiding hydrovac, employee in front of excavator


The project faced logistical challenges due to its location in the bustling streets of downtown Kansas City. The necessity to perform large-scale excavations demanded significant traffic control measures and the use of spotters to manage the movement and operation of large equipment safely, without disrupting the urban flow.


To tackle these challenges, NG Companies deployed a team of hydrovac professionals who utilized a strategic approach to minimize disruption. This included the implementation of effective traffic control systems and the careful coordination of operations, ensuring safety and efficiency while working around the clock to keep the project on schedule.


The water main replacement project was successfully completed, with NG Companies achieving the goals set forth by Kansas City Water. Through meticulous planning and execution, the team not only managed to navigate the complexities of working in a congested urban environment but also delivered high-quality infrastructure improvements, enhancing the city's water service reliability and safety.

Project Location Kansas City, MO

Division Location Kansas City, MO

Services Provided Hydrovac

Project Length Ongoing

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