KC Streetcar

NG Companies employee using hydrovac on the street


The primary challenge involved navigating the dense network of underground utilities beneath the streetcar route. Avoiding existing lines was nearly impossible, and the complexity of the underground infrastructure required a meticulous approach from NG Companies crews to prevent disruption and work safely.


NG Companies crews used asphalt coring techniques to create several holes along the streetcar path, allowing them to locate the utilities precisely. In areas where mechanical excavators could not be safely utilized, crews performed full excavations using hydrovac technology.


As a result of these efforts, potential delays were avoided and the Streetcar Project continued to move forward on schedule and without incident. The accurate utility locating and careful excavation work performed by NG Companies contributed to the project’s overall success.

Project Location Kansas City, MO

Division Location Kansas City, MO

Services Provided Hydrovac, Utility Locating

Project Length Ongoing

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