T&T Pipeline FL

NG Companies employee using hydrovac in the grass


The project encountered significant obstacles due to settled debris in the mainline drains, which hindered the movement of the robotic crawler between manholes. This issue posed a challenge in conducting efficient and comprehensive inspections, crucial for documenting the pre-existing state of the infrastructure.


To address the debris blockage, NG Companies deployed their Jet Vac Combo crew to meticulously clean out all lines with excessive debris. Following the cleaning operation, the team successfully re-attempted and completed the drain inspections, ensuring thorough documentation and assessment of the sewer conditions.


The pre-inspection phase of the T&T Pipeline project concluded successfully, with all existing damages documented and reported, thereby absolving T&T of any responsibility for pre-existing conditions. Four sections with pre-existing damage were identified and reported. A post-inspection is planned following the completion of the gas line installation to confirm the absence of any cross-bore damage, maintaining the integrity of the underground infrastructure.

Project Location Sanford, FL

Division Location West Palm Beach, FL

Services Provided Line Jetting, Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV)

Project Length Ongoing

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