Bond Bridge Project


Clarkson Construction encountered challenges with the projects when it was discovered that backhoe buckets were physically too large to fit between the Bond Bridge’s existing piers in order to excavate around them and access their foundations. The project timeline was ticking, and a solution was needed in order to maintain the tight schedule. The location of this project on the downtown airport’s property elevated the strict security and safety regulations for this project.


NG Companies was able to access the pier foundations within the tight working environment, using compact and highly powerful hydrovac wands to dig with precision inside of the tight area. We removed the soil that was holding the existing piers in place, executing the project quickly and effectively while also reducing the safety hazards that would have been unavoidable using traditional excavation means.


As a result of NG Companies’ involvement, the Bond Bridge replacement project was kept on-track to complete ahead of schedule. The 30’ bridge piers were accessed safely and efficiently using advanced hydrovac technology, and the material was removed without incident from the area.

Project Location Kansas City, MO

Division Location Kansas City, MO

Services Provided Hydrovac

Project Length 5 Days

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