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Experience rapid, controlled excavation that sidesteps potential hazards, safeguarding your job site with unmatched efficiency. With our Hydrovac service, your projects gain the speed and power of traditional heavy equipment while ensuring the utmost protection for underground utilities.

What Is Hydro Excavation (AKA Hydrovac)?

Hydro excavation, also known as hydrovac, is a cutting-edge method that combines the power of high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum to safely excavate soil and uncover underground utilities with precision. This non-destructive process minimizes the risk of damage to vital infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more efficient excavation process.

NG Companies’ hydrovac services not only prevent costly delays but seamlessly integrate with additional services like utility locating and line jetting for clear, precise excavations, or video pipe Inspection for in-depth analysis. Our cohesive approach streamlines coordination, offering combined expertise and one comprehensive bill of services. Our turnkey solutions help navigate subsurface challenges with unmatched efficiency and safety.

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The Power to Dig Deep, Precision to Protect Your Job Site

Hydrovac technology has emerged as a game-changer for companies seeking safe and efficient excavation solutions. NG Companies offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly adapting to diverse environmental conditions. From urban landscapes to sensitive ecological areas, our methods ensure precise, safe excavation every time.

Hydro Excavating
Slot Trenching
Utility Access

Could Your Project Benefit From Our Hydrovac Services?

If you have a project you think could benefit from professional hydrovac services, we’d love to talk.

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Maximize Safety, Minimize the Hassle

Choosing NG Companies’ hydrovac services means opting for a solution that delivers on safety, efficiency, and precision. Our approach is designed to streamline your projects while safeguarding your assets and infrastructure.

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Benefits Of Choosing Hydrovac Services

Hydro excavating revolutionizes project outcomes, delivering speed and precision that traditional methods can’t match. This innovative approach minimizes disruption and maximizes safety, transforming the excavation landscape for our customers.

Faster Timelines

Using hydrovac, exposing underground utilities can be done up to 10 times faster than with traditional excavation methods, especially in high-safety-risk environments.

Damage & Safety Risk

When performed properly, hydrovac methods can completely eliminate the potential of utility damage and safety incidents, reducing risk levels to 0%.

Reduced Costs

Use of non-destructive hydro excavation could save the U.S. more than $30 Billion annually, which is estimated cost of nationwide utility damage using traditional methods.

Enhanced Protection

Our hydrovac process significantly reduces the risk of damaging underground utilities, offering a safer alternative to traditional excavation. This method ensures the well-being of both the workforce and the surrounding community.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Speed up your project timelines with our hydrovac services. This efficient method cuts down on excavation time and associated costs, allowing for quicker project completion without compromising quality or safety.

Improved Precision

Hydro excavation delivers unmatched precision, enabling exact digging around delicate utilities and infrastructures. This accuracy not only prevents damage but also facilitates more meticulous and controlled project outcomes.

Combine Hydrovac With Other Services for Turnkey Utility Protection

Incorporating Hydrovac with our suite of services provides a comprehensive approach to utility management. This synergy enhances safety, ensures accuracy, and optimizes project timelines by addressing multiple needs in a single, coordinated effort.

Utility Locating
Pairing Hydrovac with Utility Locating is crucial for projects where precise excavation is necessary near sensitive underground assets. This combination mitigates risks of damage, ensuring a safer and more efficient site preparation.
Line Jetting
For projects requiring clear pipelines, pairing hydrovac with line jetting ensures obstructions are removed, facilitating more efficient and accurate excavation processes.
Video Pipe Inspection
NG Companies' Hydrovac services effectively pair with video pipe inspection when accessing damaged utilities for repairs. Our NASSCO-certified technicians use CCTV video cameras to accurately identify the area in need of service.
“Utilizing Hydrovac will limit line strikes, potential injuries, wasted resources, and increase jobsite efficiency. By using NG Companies’ fleet of hydrovac trucks and personnel expertise, any underground utilities can be safely daylighted in a matter of minutes.”
Brad Griffith
Chief Operations Officer, NG Companies
"We used NG Companies for hydrovac on my most recent project. It was a challenging project with a very aggressive schedule. NG did a great job working alongside our crews and other contractors on site. Their performance certainly helped us meet our customer’s schedule."
Brett McGee
Mach Energy Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrovac

Learn more about what sets NG Companies apart as a private damage prevention company. For any questions not listed, please feel free to contact us!

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  • What is a hydrovac, and how does it contribute to subsurface utility damage prevention?

    A hydrovac, short for hydro-excavation, is a non-destructive method that uses pressurized water to break up soil and a vacuum system to remove the resulting sludge. This precise excavation technique minimizes the risk of damaging underground utilities, making it a valuable tool in subsurface utility damage prevention.

  • Why should I choose hydrovac over traditional excavation methods?

    Hydrovac is preferred when precision is crucial, such as in densely populated urban areas or locations with a high concentration of utilities. Its non-mechanical, non-destructive approach allows for safe excavation around sensitive underground infrastructure, minimizing the risk of accidental damage.

  • How does hydro excavation contribute to preserving the integrity of existing utilities and preventing service disruptions?

    Hydro excavation preserves the integrity of existing utilities by precisely exposing them without causing mechanical stress or damage. This method ensures a clear view of underground infrastructure, facilitating repairs, upgrades, or maintenance activities without the risk of service disruptions or accidental utility damage.

  • What types of subsurface utility projects can benefit from hydrovac services?

    Hydrovacs benefit many subsurface utility projects, including utility location, installation, repair, and maintenance. They are particularly useful in projects involving telecommunications, water and sewer systems, electrical lines, and gas pipelines, where precision and damage prevention are critical.