Uncovering Solutions

NG Companies is a national authority in safe, efficient solutions to today’s biggest underground utility challenges. Our range of services — including hydrovac, utility locating, video pipe inspection (CCTV), and line jetting — compliment each other to form seamless solutions in the most complex project environments.

Fortify Your Future With Utility Damage Prevention

NG Companies stands as the definitive one-stop partner for industry leaders nationwide. Our combination of advanced methods and technology with unparalleled service is our promise to customers, ensuring each project is not only completed with precision but also safeguards your investments.

We’re not just experts. We’re protectors of underground infrastructure, guaranteeing that our innovative solutions elevate and secure our customers’ projects, every time.

Cutting-edge Technology

We harness our industry’s most advanced tools to provide unmatched speed and precision across all of our services.

Adaptable Processes

We remain flexible in our approach to provide custom solutions for every project, solving challenges in the most efficient way possible.

Large-Scale Resources

We utilize an extensive fleet and technicians across multiple states to provide responsive service when needed.

Expert Personnel

At every touchpoint, our team provides the highest level of service and professionalism.

Strategically Paired Services for Customized Project Solutions

NG Companies offers a suite of pairable utility services, customizing solutions to meet the unique demands of each project. Our comprehensive approach integrates services like utility locating with hydrovac, line jetting, and video pipe inspection to address your subsurface challenges effectively.

“Echo was on a tight timeline and budget. [NG Companies] operators always showed up on time and were ready to work, and they always performed above and beyond…even when the digging conditions were very difficult. They communicated each day, and all requests were fulfilled in a timely manner.”
Echo Contracting
“We were faced with a deep excavation knowing that there were other utilities that conflicted with our scope of work. We did not know the exact location of these utilities, therefore we relied on NG Companies to uncover them for us as to not risk hitting a utility. The collaboration supported our goal of successfully installing our scope of work without damaging any existing utilities.”
Zachary Thomas
Assistant Project Manager, Fessler Bowman

Serving Diverse Markets

NG Companies brings its seasoned expertise to an array of U.S. markets, from residential to commercial sectors and beyond. Our adaptable approach helps form tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of each industry, guaranteeing efficiency and precision regardless of the project scale or complexity.

  • Warehouse industrial
  • Education education
  • Home residential
  • Icon manufacturing
  • Storefront commercial
  • Building public infrastructure
  • Medical healthcare
  • Lightning energy
  • Hardhat heavy civil

Subsurface Utility Services Throughout The United States

NG Companies is a nationwide damage prevention solution company that operates in numerous major U.S. cities. If your region is not listed or you require our locating service solutions, please contact us to figure out how we can contribute to your project.

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