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Whether you’re planning to excavate for new utility poles or facing the challenge of removing stubborn graffiti, NG Companies is your solution. Serving Kansas City, MO, our comprehensive services extend beyond traditional offerings to include private utility locating through our Hydrovac capabilities.


Hydrovac, a cutting-edge excavation method, is gaining recognition for its superior safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional alternatives. The adaptability of our equipment allows us to excel not only in excavation but also as your primary partner for debris removal and blast cleaning.

What Is Hydrovac?


Hydrovac is an excavation technique that utilizes high-pressure water to loosen soil. A vacuum hose is then employed to extract the loosened material. This approach boasts numerous advantages. It eliminates the need for bulky machinery, reducing the risk of damage and injuries. The pressurized water and vacuum hoses can reach confined spaces inaccessible to larger equipment, making Hydrovac an ideal choice for close-quarters projects.


Once vacuumed, the debris is conveyed to a nearby tanker truck for removal from the work site, eliminating the presence of unsightly debris piles. Subsequently, the material is appropriately disposed of. Moreover, our private utility locating services provide the added benefit of identifying subsurface utilities, further enhancing safety and efficiency in your projects.

Uses of Hydrovac in Kansas City, MO


Hydrovac contractors offer many different services in Kansas City. We certainly do our share of excavations, including excavating pole holes and utility trenches for businesses and municipal entities. NG Companies assists businesses with excavation and with well site maintenance, including cleaning holding tanks and vacuuming out service lines.


We work closely with companies in the railroad industry, too, to clean tank, hopper, and gondola cars. Train cars are often targets for graffiti, which can be a difficult chore to clean off. However, our pressurized water hoses can blast off this graffiti, restoring the cars to their standard look. It can also be used to clean the interiors of train cars, including tanker cars. Best of all, Hydrovac is designed to be mobile, so we can come to the rail cars no matter where they are.


NG Companies is delighted to be at the forefront of Hydrovac excavation technology. Hydrovac is a booming sector because of its lower cost and increased safety when compared to traditional excavation methods.

Other Uses


While excavation is the primary use for Hydrovac, it can be used in two other ways. First, it can be used to remove debris and other materials. The powerful vacuum hose can clean out tanks, remove loose debris from the ground, and clean out service lines.


The pressurized jet can also be used independently. In this manner, it functions like a large power washer. At times, it’s used in conjunction with the vacuum to clean tanks that have years of built-up debris. In other cases, it can be used alone to clean interior and exterior surfaces.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you with your excavation, pressure washing, or debris removal needs in Kansas City, contact us today.