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In Charlotte, North Carolina, NG Companies provides a range of services, including Hydrovac excavation and debris removal. Hydrovac is a cutting-edge method that harnesses the power of pressurized water and vacuum technology to dig, making it an ideal choice for various projects, especially those in tight or confined spaces.

One key advantage of Hydrovac is its ability to eliminate the need for bulky machinery, reducing the risk of damage and injuries. It also keeps the work area free from unsightly debris piles. Moreover, our private utility locating services are designed to enhance safety and project efficiency by accurately identifying subsurface utilities. With NG Companies, you can be confident in the success and safety of your projects in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why Hydrovac?


One of the questions many Hydrovac contractors get is why. What makes Hydrovac excavation a better option than using a traditional digger or other heavy equipment? There are several ways that businesses in Charlotte can benefit from Hydrovac.


  • Precise trenches. Hydrovac allows for much more precise trenches and holes to be dug. Because everything is done with water and vacuums, the sides of the trenches dug using this method are a clean 90 degrees.
  • No debris on site. All of the debris is removed via vacuum into a storage tank or to an approved location nearby. Moving debris this way is faster and more efficient than dumping it near the project location.
  • Remove debris other methods cannot. Because we use a vacuum method to remove debris, we can remove many loose materials that other means cannot do without damage the soil.
  • Dig utility potholes without damaging pipes. Since Hydrovac does not bring any metal surface into contact with the soil, it is less likely to damage pipes and other buried objects. This makes it ideal for uncovering buried utility lines.

What Is Hydrovac Used for in Charlotte?


Hydrovac can be used for many different tasks across a wide number of industries. Any industry that requires digging holes or trenches can make use of this new method of excavation. Here are just a few industries that may find use for Hydrovac and the services that NG Companies offers.


Piling Holes

Piling holes are dug vertically for fence posts, utility posts, and other needs. With Hydrovac, there is no need to bring in a large drill or other heavy machinery to create these holes. This is especially helpful when digging these holes near utility lines or pipes.


Utility Trenches

Let us dig your utility trenches quickly and efficiently. Hydrovac is just as useful for digging horizontal trenches as it is vertical holes. These trenches can be as small as an inch across or as large as you need them to be. With the debris removed at the same time the trench is dug, we can add your utility trenches to any location without the need for space to maneuver large machinery or a place to dump the excavated dirt.



Private utility locating services in Charlotte play a crucial role across various industries, addressing the need for precise subsurface utility mapping. NG Companies offers these services, benefiting a range of sectors. Here are a few examples of industries that can take advantage of private utility locating services and NG Companies’ expertise.



Private utility locating helps pinpoint underground assets such as electrical lines, gas pipelines, and water mains. It’s invaluable for industries that need to work near or around these utilities, ensuring safety and preventing accidental damage.



In construction and renovation projects, private utility locating services are essential for avoiding costly and dangerous utility strikes. Whether it’s laying a foundation, excavating for a new building, or renovating an existing structure, precise utility mapping is a necessity.



Infrastructure maintenance, including road repairs, sewer line maintenance, and utility upgrades, relies on accurate utility location data to streamline operations and reduce downtime. NG Companies’ services help maintain critical infrastructure efficiently.

By harnessing private utility locating services in Charlotte, NG Companies offers the expertise and technology to enhance safety, streamline construction and renovation, and facilitate infrastructure maintenance across a broad spectrum of industries.

Ready to Make Use of Hydrovac in Charlotte, NC?


If you have a project that is going to require excavation, NG Companies is ready to help. We will bring all of the benefits of Hydrovac excavation to your job site. Contact us today to learn more and to discuss what we can do for you.