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Do you need of Hydrovac Services in Boise, ID? If so, NG Companies is here to help. We offer Hydrovac excavating to partners in a wide variety of industries, including railroad operations, city utility services, construction crews, and much more.


This method of excavation has a number of benefits, but due to how new it is, many people are not yet familiar with Hydrovac. Here is a short breakdown of what this method entails and how it can help you.

How Hydrovac Works


Traditional excavation works with using large diggers and other heavy machinery to remove the soil and other debris, then dump it somewhere nearby. Hydrovac excavation, however, does not actually touch the soil with any physical digging tool. Instead, it uses pressurized water to break apart the soil, then an industrial strength vacuum to remove it. The debris is collected in a tank and can be removed to any location.


There are a number of benefits to this method:


  • It can be done in small spaces that larger machinery cannot reach.
  • The vacuum tool is very precise and can make holes or trenches as small as an inch across.
  • Hydrovac can be used to remove small, loose debris from any area.
  • It does less damage to the areas around the target, meaning it is safe to use when digging near buried pipes and utility lines.
  • It’s cost-effective and, in most cases, is less costly than traditional excavation.
  • It’s very safe and does not carry many of the risks that come with operating heavy machinery.

What is Hydrovac Used for in Boise, ID?


The Hydrovac contractors in Boise work with businesses and government entities in many different areas. We assist with digging utility lines, exposing pipes that have been buried, dig utility pole holes, and much more.


We can assist with the drilling of vertical and horizontal wells. While Hydrovac may not necessarily be used to drill the well itself, it can be used in a number of other ways on the drilling site. We often assist with cleaning the drilling fluid and storage tanks, cleaning up any spillage, and other tasks where the vacuum part of Hydrovac is needed. Because the system can work independently as a pressure washer and a vacuum, we provide three services in one.


NG Companies is proud to be on the cutting edge of Hydrovac excavations. The reduced cost and improved safety of Hydrovac over traditional excavation methods are highly beneficial, making Hydrovac a growing industry.

When Can Hydrovac Excavation Be Used?


Hydrovac can be used in just about any situation that requires excavation. Whether you need to carefully dig around an area where older pipes and utility lines are buried or are ready to excavate for a new lines, Hydrovac is ideal. We can assist in creating holes and trenches for many different applications as well as cleaning and clearing work sites. Much of these tasks can be done in less time than traditional excavation and, typically, for less money, too.


Want to learn more about the benefits of Hydrovac excavation? Contact NG Companies today to discuss this process and how we can help you on your next project.