Colorado land reclamation company

Before most construction or development projects can begin, land reclamation must first take place. Land reclamation also plays a crucial role in restoring land to its natural and healthy state after projects are complete. With years of experience across Northern Colorado, NG Companies is a leading Colorado land reclamation company and offers a wide variety of large-scale land reclamation services. Our teams pride themselves on delivering great results safely, professionally, and efficiently. We use only the best large-scale land reclamation tools to meet our clients’ needs. Large-scale projects are different from smaller projects, and our team has the equipment and knowledge to excel in all areas.

NG’s land reclamation services cover four main categories:

Colorado Land Reclamation Company​Excavation

One of the major components of land reclamation is excavating the land. Our large-scale machines excavate the land to create a flat and even surface and expose the better soil and materials underneath. Excavation can also expose old buildings, foundations, or items beneath the soil. Our processes ensure that excavation is done safely so that it doesn’t damage the land or any other items in the area.

Import/Export Trucking

Because so much material is moved during a land reclamation project, import and export trucking is essential. Our teams understand the importance of getting materials where they need to be without harming the land or environment. We follow safety and local regulations to ensure items are imported and exported properly and carefully, no matter if we are taking out dirt or bringing in new seeds. Our goal is to use trucking to enhance our projects and timeliness without hurting anything in the area, including other buildings, animals, and environments.


Grading prepares the land for future projects by leveling it and creating a firm and even surface. Proper grading is a crucial step in the construction process because it starts the entire project off on a level surface. Grading often requires moving around dirt and land and taking soil or rocks from one area to fill in holes in other places. The finished result of grading is an even surface ready for its next building or project.

Our teams use the highest quality machines to grade the land. Because we have years of experience working across Northern Colorado, we understand the nuances of the land and also how to work with local permits and regulations. Our systems ensure that the project is completed safely and timely, but also that it follows local rules.


To get the land back to its original state after construction or to prepare it for a new project, seeding often must occur. Many land reclamation processes tear up the land and move things around, but seeding helps build better land for the future. Our experienced team can work with a variety of seeding projects, from planting natural seeds to return land to its original habit to planting new seeds to boost the ecosystem. Large-scale seeding changes the look and feel of the area and can also boost the ecosystem by inviting new plants, birds, and insects. NG offers effective seeding because of our extensive knowledge of Northern Colorado. We understand what types of seeding works well in certain areas and how to use seeding to restore land and add to our area’s natural beauty. 

Land reclamation is an important step in preparing land for new projects or restoring it to its natural beauty. If you have a large-scale project and are looking for a company who has the expertise needed to get it done, consider contacting NG Companies today.