New Rival Hydrovac Truck in the Fleet

December 18, 2019

NG Hydrovac is thrilled to have a new hydrovac truck in the fleet. A new Rival T10 just shipped out to Kansas City and is already being put to good use by our Branch in Missouri. This truck is a first for NG and represents our commitment to service and flexibility. It’s always our goal to invest in the best available technology to make sure we can serve all of our customer’s needs.

What makes the T10 different?

  • Smaller profile- this truck is substantially shorter than other hydrovacs on the road and allows for more range and access, especially in urban areas or areas with low bridges.
  • Quieter- The blower unit is enclosed in a sound dampening box. This makes a substantial difference in the level of noise while operating. This is the perfect set up for populated areas.
  • Flexibility- This truck is equipped with two pusher axles and a tag axle, as well as an in-cab pressure monitoring system to allow for optimal loading for any job.
  • Capacity- The T10 still offers a 10-yard holding tank with its smaller profile, allowing for more time on site and more efficient operation for you.
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