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1508 NW Vivion Rd. Suite 327
Kansas City, MO 64118
(913) 800-0946
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Discover Our Hydrovac & Private Utility Locating Services in Kansas City, MO

At NG Companies, we proudly serve Kansas City, MO, and its neighboring communities, including Overland Park, Independence, and Olathe. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including advanced private utility locating through our state-of-the-art hydrovac technology.

Hydrovac is revolutionizing the industry with its exceptional safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods. Our equipment’s versatility goes beyond excavation, making us your go-to partner for tasks like debris removal and blast cleaning.

What is Hydrovac and Why Should I Use It?

Hydrovac is an innovative excavation technique that employs high-pressure water to loosen soil, followed by a vacuum hose to extract the material. This method offers numerous advantages, from eliminating the need for bulky machinery to accessing confined spaces that larger equipment can’t reach. It’s the perfect solution for close-quarters projects, reducing the risk of damage and injuries.

Once the material is vacuumed, it’s efficiently conveyed to a nearby tanker truck for removal, eliminating unsightly debris piles on your work site. Our private utility locating services further enhance safety and efficiency by identifying subsurface utilities, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly.

Applications of Hydrovac in Kansas City, MO

In Kansas City, hydrovac services cover a wide array of needs. We excel in excavations, from digging pole holes and utility trenches for businesses and municipalities to maintaining well sites by cleaning holding tanks and vacuuming service lines.

Our expertise extends to the railroad industry, where we play a crucial role in cleaning tank, hopper, and gondola cars. Graffiti removal is a common challenge, but our pressurized water hoses can effectively restore train cars to their original appearance. Hydrovac’s mobility allows us to reach rail cars wherever they are located.

NG Companies leads the way in hydrovac technology, providing cost-effective and safer alternatives to traditional methods.

Hydrovac Versatility for Multiple Uses

Hydrovac offers versatility beyond excavation. It’s utilized to remove debris and clean various surfaces. Our powerful vacuum can help speed the following processes:

  • Efficiently cleaning tanks
  • Removing loose debris from the ground
  • Servicing utility lines
  • Safely excavating near buried pipes and utility lines
  • Cleaning and clearing work sites
  • Precision excavation in confined spaces
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly debris removal

The pressurized jet functions as a large power washer, tackling tough cleaning tasks on both interior and exterior surfaces.

For all your excavation, pressure washing, and debris removal needs in Kansas City, contact NG Companies today. We’re here to deliver efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your project requirements.

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