Roustabout Services in Northern Colorado

February 27, 2020

The oil field is a busy and complex place, often with numerous people working on their own projects. Our roustabout services in Northern Colorado help streamline processes by doing a variety of oilfield work by the same team to keep the oil field operating smoothly and efficiently. Instead of diving the tasks between multiple workers and contractors, a full-service roustabout team can meet a large number of oil field needs.

NG Companies offers a wide variety of Northern Colorado roustabout services that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. With 10 years of experience and more than 60,000 projects completed, our professional team knows what it takes to work safely and professionally on large-scale projects.

Our oil roustabout services in Colorado include the following:

Plug and Abandon

Once an oil or gas well has reached the end of its life, it must be properly plugged and abandoned. Our experienced P&A team prepares the area around the well, removes all equipment and salvageable pieces, and safely and properly abandons the well so that it meets all legal requirements and doesn’t cause health or safety issues in the future.

​Well Site Maintenance

NG Companies is experienced in maintaining well sites to keep things operating safely and efficiently. Our teams understand all of the components of a well site and how to ensure they operate without incident.

Pumping Unit Maintenance

Pumping units naturally wear down over time, but our roustabout services include maintaining the units to keep them in safe and strong working condition. Maintaining these units is crucial to keeping employees safe and avoiding costly and untimely repairs.

Valve Maintenance

Properly working valves are crucial to the safety and efficiency of the entire oil operation. NG’s roustabout teams work on all kinds of valve maintenance, from cleaning and preventing issues to repairing and replacing parts in broken valves.

Preventative Maintenance

Wells, rigs, and tools naturally break down over time. But instead of waiting for a piece to break and having to stop operations and pay for costly repairs, our preventative maintenance tactics ensure all components are running smoothly. By keeping all tools and machinery clean and in working condition, the entire oil operation can run more efficiently and feel confident things won’t have to be shut down for preventative issues.

General Maintenance of Grounds, Buildings, and Roads

The oil field involves much more than just the wells and rigs themselves. Our roustabout services include caring for the entire space, including the buildings and roads, to ensure the entire operation is running at peak efficiency.

Well Site Decommission and Demolition

Well sites must be properly decommissioned to meet regulations and safety requirements. Then they can be safely demolished. Our teams understand the risks involved in the process and safely decommission old wells to protect the people and environment.

Storm Water Management

Storm water runoff and management involves protecting the area while also adhering to regulations and safety requirements. Professional teams protect the oil field operations while also conserving the storm water system and keeping the water clean and safe.

Site Remediation

No matter if the oil project is complete or ongoing, our site remediation teams can help restore the area to its natural splendor. This includes cleaning soil and encouraging natural growth in the area. A strategic remediation plan not only protects the oil industry but also sets the area up for future growth and success.

Commonly Asked Questions About Roustabout Services

The oil and gas industry is booming in Colorado, and many companies are looking for workers to help their oil and gas projects run more smoothly. When looking at teams to hire, one option is to go the route of roustabout services. Here are the most commonly asked questions about roustabout services and how they can help your next project.

What are roustabout services?

Traditional oilfield practices divide the many responsibilities between multiple teams, often with separate teams for tasks like site remediation, valve maintenance, stormwater control, and more. Roustabout services condense that into a single team that can work efficiently and professionally on all aspects of the oilfield. That means that instead of hiring individual contractors or companies for each task, you only have to hire one group for roustabout services to take care of everything.

What is included in roustabout services?

Roustabout services vary depending on the location and needs of the job site. In most cases, roustabout services include a wide range of specialties performed by skilled workers who are knowledgeable on a variety of oilfield tasks. In Northern Colorado, oil roustabout services typically include tasks like well maintenance, preventative maintenance of the well and all equipment, site remediation, storm weather management, plugging and abandoning old wells, and decommissioning and demolishing wells that are no longer in use. Roustabout services can also maintain the equipment, vehicles, and land around the wells.

This list shows how widespread roustabout services are—they cover tasks from the very beginning of the drilling process throughout the entire use of the well and even after the well has reached the end of its life. Roustabout services can do everything from preparing the land for a new well to installing and starting a new well. They can also maintain the day-to-day operations of the well to ensure things are working properly. A qualified roustabout team can fix any issues that may arise and also perform preventative maintenance on a well and equipment to increase efficiency and safety. Roustabout services even extend to after the well has been used and the cleanup and safe abandonment of the well.

What makes roustabout services unique?

Roustabout services are unique because they involve using the same team for all aspects of operating and maintaining an oilfield. The traditional practice involves hiring separate teams for every aspect of operations, but a roustabout service simplifies and streamlines with a unique approach. Instead of only specializing in one area of oil and gas, roustabout teams are experienced in a wide range of tasks, which makes them unique from workers you might typically see in an oilfield.

What are the benefits of roustabout services?

The biggest benefit of roustabout services is the simplicity. Oil is a complex field and typically requires numerous tasks from start to finish of a well. Finding, hiring, and training a different team of workers for each task is complicated and time-consuming. It also comes with the risk of a team not performing well or not even showing up, which can halt the entire project as you wait to fill in the missing gap. With roustabout services, you only have to find, hire, and train one team who will work on all the projects for as long as needed.

Roustabout services are also a good use of resources. Because you don’t have to train each team individually, it is often less expensive to hire a roustabout crew. With the same people working on all aspects of the well, they start to catch on more quickly and can be more efficient.

Roustabout services also build consistency on the job site. They understand how the well operates and can provide consistent work across all areas. With separate teams, you run the risk of each team doing things slightly differently, but with a consistent roustabout team, work moves much more smoothly. A consistent workflow helps the project stay on schedule and budget and can also help create a safer environment because everyone is familiar with the well instead of having new people coming to the site each day. Roustabout teams are knowledgeable about job site safety and local regulations.

Oil drilling is a growing industry, and it often comes with complex and often dangerous worksites. Simplify the process and build a consistent workflow by hiring roustabout services for your next well project.

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