Welcome to NG Companies, your trusted specialist in video pipe inspection services. For years we have been at the forefront of addressing the unique demands of underground pipe infrastructure. Our core objective is direct and impactful: to deliver exceptional video inspection services to each of our clients.


Our Method: Thorough and Advanced Video Inspection

At NG Companies, we focus on the specific challenges of video pipe inspection. Our method involves a detailed and advanced examination of your pipeline systems. By employing the latest in video inspection technology and leveraging our team’s extensive experience, we are committed to identifying and resolving any issues with precision and efficiency.

NG Companes




Lateral Launch Inspection & Mapping

Pipe inspection from the mainline to the lateral in search of cross bores, defectsand structural issues.


Lateral Launch Inspection & Mapping

Pipe inspection from the mainline to the lateral in search of cross bores, defects, and structural issues.

Sewer Inspections

NonDestructive option that can help discover a collapsed lateral, duct or unknown blockage in a pipe.

Sewer Mapping

Our VPI services ensure you can receive a comprehensive map of your sewer system including hard to discover elements like lateral lines.

Manhole Inspections

Our technicians gather detailed information to fully document all defects, determine condition of the manhole, and provide the specific information needed to recommend corrective action.

Safety is paramount at NG Companies. We approach each project, particularly Video Pipe Inspection, with meticulous precision. This attention to detail is vital in preventing damage and ensuring the integrity of your pipeline systems. We are proud of our ability to deliver high-quality, accurate inspection results on time and within budget.

Our Video Pipe Inspection service utilizes advanced technology and techniques. This service, combined with our strong project management skills and expert team, makes us a formidable choice in this field.

Let us take care of the intricate details of Video Pipe Inspection while you focus on the larger aspects of your project. Reach out to discuss how our specialized services can assist in achieving your goals.

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We live and die by our reputation. We want to protect ours, and our customers’.
- Camron Lente

CEO, NG Companies