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If you’re looking for a reliable Hydrovac company in Tampa, FL that can provide the best Hydrovac services for your project, look no further than NG Companies.

For residents of Tampa and the surrounding areas, NG Companies provides a comprehensive selection of Hydrovac services. There is no better Hydrovac contractor with an emphasis on effectiveness and safety. Plus, we have the experience and know-how to help you get through any job with ease.

What Is Hydrovac and Why Does it Matter?


Hole-digging techniques like Hydrovac or Hydrovac excavation can be applied in a variety of sectors. Instead of scooping dirt out of the earth with a typical excavation tool, Hydrovac digging uses water pressure and vacuums to make incredibly precise holes and apertures. And it does all this without affecting any underground utility.


In actuality, Hydrovac uses a fairly straightforward technique. We first break up the dirt with a stream of highly compressed water. Then we bring in a strong vacuum to collect the soil, rocks, and any other debris once it has gotten pretty loose. Hydrovac can be used for more than just excavation; it can also be used to clean railroad trains, tanks, and lines.

What Are the Common Uses of Hydrovac in Tampa, FL?

Hydrovac has many uses in Tampa, FL. Industries that require excavation turn to hydro excavation because it is effective and safe. And with a vacuum truck (Hydrovac truck), a vacuum system, and highly trained professionals, expert hydro excavation companies can get the excavation job done in less time and with less labor.

While many industries use Hydrovac in Tamper, FL, the most common industries include construction, mining, and infrastructure. Also, while projects require different Hydrovac services, some of the most-required Hydrovac services include potholing and slot trenching.




The city of Tampa and Hydrovac contractors may collaborate closely to locate and measure the depth of underground utility wires. This practice, known as potholing, can be dangerous when done using conventional techniques because the excavation machine could hit and damage the utility pipelines. The preferred approach for potholing is Hydrovac because there is considerably less chance of causing any damage. This is particularly true if the pipes we are looking for are old and vulnerable.


Slot Trenching

Hydrovac can also be used to dig trenches for new utility lines in Tampa, FL. We can make trenches that are precisely cut through the dirt that are no wider than an inch thanks to how precise Hydro vacs could be. Little debris is left behind as a result of the precise cut, and trench edges don’t need to be reinforced. The minimum size is one inch, but there is no maximum size or depth.

There are various advantages to using Hydrovac for slot trenching as opposed to conventional techniques. It expedites the procedure, making it possible to run power lines through the area more successfully. Because there aren’t any debris heaps to navigate, the job site is much more open. Hydrovac also doesn’t need as much room to operate because there’s no need to move bulky equipment into position.

What Industries Need Hydrovac in Tampa, FL?

Companies and individuals that need Hydrovac services in Tampa, FL include: 


  • Construction companies: Hydrovac services are often required in construction for purposes like excavation for foundations, utilities, and other structures.
  • Utility companies: Utility companies in Tampa need Hydrovac services for the installation and repair of pipelines, cables, and other underground utilities.
  • Landscaping and earthmoving companies: Hydrovac can be used in Tampa for soil removal and site preparation in the landscaping and earthmoving industry.
  • Environmental and remediation companies: Hydrovac services can safely remove contaminated soil and other materials during environmental clean-up and remediation projects.
  • Homeowners: Homeowners in Tampa, FL may need Hydrovac for the installation or repair of septic systems, excavation for home improvement projects, or soil removal for landscaping purposes.

Is Hydrovac Right for Your Next Project in Tampa, FL?


Does Hydrovac excavation make sense for your upcoming project in Tampa Florida? Anything that could be accomplished using conventional excavating techniques can frequently be accomplished with a hydrovac. But sometimes, traditional excavation techniques cannot work where hydro excavation can. Here are some of the instances where you should absolutely consider using Hydrovac in Tampa, FL.

  • When there is no room for large machinery to operate.
  • When you are excavating near buried pipes and utility lines.
  • When your job site is small and does not have space for debris.
  • When precision excavation is required.


So, if you need a reliable Hydrovac company in Tampa, Florida for your projects, NG Companies is your go-to choice! Contact us to see how we can help you!