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Welcome to NG Companies’ hydrovac services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hydrovac, also known as hydro excavation, is a sophisticated and non-invasive method employed for precision digging and excavation. This cutting-edge technique leverages the force of high-pressure water in conjunction with a powerful vacuum system to excavate materials with the utmost precision, resulting in immaculately clean holes and trenches.


This method stands out for its ability to minimize disruption and damage. By using a pressurized water jet to gently dislodge soil, rocks, or other materials, it ensures that the surrounding area remains intact and unharmed. The excavated materials are then efficiently and thoroughly removed using a vacuum, leaving behind pristine and well-defined holes and trenches. Whether you’re in need of utility trenching, foundation work, or any other excavation project in West Palm Beach, Florida, our hydrovac services provide a safe, efficient, and meticulous solution that sets new standards for precision and non-destructive excavation.





Advantages of hydrovac services in West Palm Beach, Florida:



Precision and Safety

Hydro excavation enables precise digging around sensitive utility lines and fragile structures, significantly reducing the risk of damage and costly repairs.

Environmental Friendliness

In contrast to conventional excavation methods, hydro excavation minimizes soil disturbance and erosion, making it a more eco-friendly option.


Hydrovac trucks are incredibly efficient in removing soil and debris swiftly, resulting in time and labor savings.


Hydrovac services play a vital role in enhancing safety during construction and utility maintenance, ultimately reducing accidents and disruptions.

Hydrovac services in West Palm Beach, Florida offer a combination of efficiency, environmental consciousness, and safety. Our industry is leading the way in ensuring that the city’s infrastructure projects are executed with precision and care.


  • What is hydro excavation?

    Hydro excavation is a precise method that uses high-pressure water and a vacuum system to remove soil and debris without causing damage.

  • How does hydro excavation benefit the environment?

    Hydro excavation minimizes soil disturbance and prevents soil erosion, making it a greener alternative to traditional excavation methods.

  • Why choose hydro excavation over traditional digging?

    Hydro excavation is preferred for its precision, safety, and efficiency, particularly in projects involving underground utilities or fragile structures.

  • What impact does hydrovac excavation have?

    The hydrovac industry has positively impacted the local economy by creating jobs and enhancing safety standards in construction and utility maintenance. This has contributed to economic growth and improved safety in the region.

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