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NG Companies: San Antonio’s Leading Provider of Hydrovac and Utility Services



Welcome to NG Companies in San Antonio, where reliability and reputation are at the core of our hydrovac, utility locating, line jetting, and video pipe inspection services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every project we tackle meets the highest standards for safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. The unique infrastructure challenges and development projects in San Antonio greatly benefit from our specialized services, positioning us as an essential partner for the construction, utility, and municipal sectors across the region.

We Offer A Variety Of Services Here In  San Antonio Texas!

Hydrovac Services


At NG Companies, our hydrovac excavation method employs a sophisticated combination of high-pressure water and vacuum technology. This approach is designed to safely uncover underground utilities and infrastructure with minimal risk of damage. It is particularly suited to the bustling urban environment of San Antonio, where space is limited and maintaining safety is crucial. Whether your project involves construction preparation, installations, or maintenance, our hydrovac services offer a precise, efficient, and safe excavation solution.



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Utility Locating

The foundation of any successful excavation project is knowing what lies beneath the surface. NG Companies’ utility locating services in San Antonio utilize cutting-edge technology to accurately detect and map out underground utilities, including water, gas, electric, and telecommunications lines. This critical service prevents accidental damage to utilities, avoiding service interruptions and ensuring the safety of both workers and the public. With our thorough utility locating, your projects can move forward with the assurance that all subsurface assets are accurately identified.

Line Jetting

San Antonio’s sewer lines and drainage systems are essential for the health and safety of the community. Our line jetting services use powerful water jets to eliminate blockages, clear out debris, and cleanse pipelines, ensuring they function efficiently and prevent backups. This service is crucial for routine maintenance and addressing emergencies, helping maintain the integrity of San Antonio’s water and sewer infrastructure.

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Video Pipe inspections

Video Pipe Inspection


NG Companies’ video pipe inspection services provide a non-invasive way to inspect the condition of pipes and sewer lines. Utilizing advanced camera technology, we offer real-time insights into pipe interiors, identifying obstructions, breaks, and signs of wear without excavation. This method is invaluable in San Antonio, where preserving the city’s historical and urban areas is a priority, facilitating precise repairs with minimal disturbance.

Your Partner in San Antonio


At NG Companies, we understand that our services extend beyond infrastructure maintenance; they play a vital role in fostering growth, ensuring public safety, and safeguarding the environment in San Antonio. Whether your focus is on construction, utilities, or municipal work, partnering with us grants you access to a team that’s dedicated to achieving excellence in every project. Choose NG Companies as your trusted provider for hydrovac, utility locating, line jetting, and video pipe inspection services in San Antonio.


Let’s collaborate to enhance the safety and efficiency of San Antonio. Reach out to NG Companies today to discover how our services can support your next project or needs.