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Looking for Hydrovac Services in Longmont, CO?

NG Companies offers a full array of Hydrovac services for those in Longmont and the surrounding areas. With a focus on efficiency and safety, you will find no better Hydrovac contractor.

What Is Hydrovac?


Hydrovac or Hydrovac excavating is a way of digging holes that can be used in a wide range of industries. Rather than using a standard excavation tool to scoop dirt out of the ground, Hydrovac excavating makes use water pressure and vacuums to create very precise holes and openings.


The method used in Hydrovac is actually very simple. First, we use a stream of highly pressurized water to loosen up the soil. Once it has become fairly loose, we bring in a powerful vacuum to remove the soil, rocks, and any other debris. In addition to excavating, Hydrovac can also be used to remove debris, clean tanks, unclog lines, and even clean railroad cars.

How Is Hydrovac Used in Longmont, CO?


With its many uses, you will find that Hydrovac is utilized in a wide number of industries, including oil and gas, construction, mining, and infrastructure. In Longmont, NG Companies is often called upon to provide assistance with many tasks.



Hydrovac contractors may work closely with the city of Longmont to determine the location and depth of utility lines. This process, called potholing, can be risky when done using traditional methods because the excavating machine could hit and damage the utility pipes. There’s much less risk of doing any damage with Hydrovac, which is why it’s the preferred method for potholing. This is especially true if the pipes we are attempting to locate are older and fragile.


Slot Trenching

Another use for Hydrovac is in creating trenches for new utility lines. Because it is so precise, we can create trenches that are perfectly cut through the soil that are no more than an inch wide. Because of the precision cut, there is little debris left behind, nor is there the need to build up the edges of the trench. While one inch is the minimum size, there is no maximum size or depth.


Using Hydrovac instead of traditional methods for slot trenching provides several benefits. It speeds up the process, allowing utility lines to be ran through more effectively. There is also more space on the job site because there are no piles of debris to work around. Hydrovac also doesn’t require as much space to work in because we do not need to maneuver large machinery into place.

Is Hydrovac Right for Your Next Project?


Is Hydrovac excavating right for your next project in Longmont, CO? In many cases, anything that could be done with traditional excavation methods can be done with Hydrovac. However, the opposite is not always true. Hydrovac is ideal for use in the following situations:

  • There is no room for large machinery to operate.
  • You are excavating near buried pipes and utility lines.
  • Your job site is small and does not have space for debris.
  • Precision excavation is required.


To learn more about Hydrovac and how NG Companies can help you, contact us today.