civil construction in northern Colorado

When it comes to large-scale civil construction in Northern Colorado, you want to know that your project is in experienced and professional hands. The right civil construction company can create a timeless building that serves the community and comes together on schedule and budget, while other companies might make big promises but fail to deliver. The difference between the two is experience and professionalism. NG Civil has years of experience and a proven track record of completed projects across Northern Colorado. As a turn-key civil contractor, we complete the highest quality work on time.

Our civil construction work focuses on the commercial and municipal industries and includes the following services:


Before a new project can officially begin, the old buildings must be cleared out. Quality demolition is done safely to not only protect the people and neighboring buildings but also maintain the environment and land so that the next project can begin quickly. Our experienced demolition teams know how to clear large areas and do it well.

Our services include removing foundation walls, especially of older buildings with unique foundation challenges. We can remove every piece of old buildings, even those constructed differently than modern practices. We also offer asphalt and concrete removal of walkways, roads, driveways, and more. Our team is also experienced in tree removal. Large roots and debris can be difficult to remove, but they can also set a project back significantly if they aren’t removed properly. Our team takes its time to ensure that every piece of the tree is removed safely, leaving you a clean slate for the civil construction project.


Starting a project on a clear and even surface makes all the difference in the longevity of a building. We use in-house excavation teams to offer unbeatable quality that doesn’t cut corners or kill your budget. Our excavation services include grading and over lot grading. For projects that are replacing old buildings, we offer foundation excavation to ensure the entire lot is cleared and ready for new construction. Our clearing and grubbing team can remove all debris from the area, which is then transported by our heavy haul and trucking services. With other construction companies, each aspect of excavation may need to be completed by a different team, but NG offers a coordinated effort to move your project along without having to work with numerous contractors.


Large-scale civil construction projects require specialized knowledge and experience, especially when it comes to utilities. The utility requirements for large commercial buildings are much different from what companies would experience on smaller-scale projects. With years of experience and numerous completed projects, our teams know the ins and outs of utilities, including working with local agencies to secure permits and follow safety and legal regulations.

Our services include installing sanitary and storm sewers, as well as tying the new building into water lines, fire hydrants, and fire lines. With our experienced utilities team, the project will be able to move forward and have all of the connections it needs for full use for a long time to come. Commercial and municipal buildings tend to put more strain on utilities than smaller projects, but our professional team understands the unique challenges and can provide the best quality possible to meet the needs. It’s just one benefit of using a company experienced in large-scale civil construction projects.

Large-scale civil construction projects, especially in the commercial and municipal industries, bring unique challenges and opportunities. A professional and experienced civil construction company like NG understands what it takes to successfully complete every step of the project and has a proven track record of well-constructed buildings. Our in-house teams help the entire construction process move much more smoothly. We can complete the highest quality work on time. When it comes to civil construction in Northern Colorado, trust NG Companies as the best choice.

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