Ngc Tractor

What is going on here?

This field is getting turned in preparation for alfalfa seeding.

A large portion of oil and gas development takes place on existing farmland. When the well has been drilled and is safely producing, the working footprint around them can be greatly reduced.

This allows the surrounding land that was cleared for the work pad to be returned back to its original state. The video above shows part of the process that we undertook to take this alfalfa field back to the productive farm it had been.

This is more complicated than it sounds. Success here requires unique equipment, a thorough plan, and a very good knowledge of the chemical needs of the soil. The crops are expected to thrive as they once did and we specialize in making this happen quickly and painlessly. 

We have all of the above in house and ready to tackle projects like this as well as any other restoration and reseeding that you may need.